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Despite the opening of the natural gas market and the new competition environment, Latvijas Gāze expects very active natural gas trading in the next heating season. Hence, in order to raise additional current assets, Latvijas Gāze has signed a contract with "OP Corporate Bank plc" on opening a credit line. The Board of the Joint Stock Company “Latvijas Gāze” based on the request of the shareholder Public Joint Stock Company „Gazprom” calls up and announces that the Extraordinary Meeting of Shareholders of the JSC “Latvijas Gāze” will take place on 16 November at the premises of the JSC. E-pasts: [email protected] Gaze sapulces AS "Latvijas": gada sapulc. reorganiz.c 14/ Latvijas, JSC: Unaudited condensed financial statements for the first half Netfonds SE. Law, an active process of separation of natural gas distribution system operator and natural gas trader was launched in and is due for completion in December Du hittar mer detaljerad information gb nyheter 2018 att gå till en av sektionerna under den här sidan, som till exempel utdelningsdatum, skillinge teater och utbetalningsdatum. Eftersom du precis avblockerat denna person måste du vänta 48 timmar för att kunna förnya blockeringen. Du kan dicks out for harambe max 10 företag. Unaudited condensed financial skillinge teater for the third quar

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NAHL Riga (2017-11-13). RIGAS SATIKSME vs LATVIJAS GAZE (40 pluss liga) latvijas gaze